Announcement regarding the next update

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Guanjyn 14.10.2013 kello 11.35 
I just want to be able to start a round without crashing...
AzoNe 14.10.2013 kello 11.32 
they live in brazil, its like 8 hours behind my clock, and my clock is 20.31, so its like 12 there, chill guys
Snow 14.10.2013 kello 11.23 
i bet it will be updated 23:59:59 ^^
masterkiller 7777 14.10.2013 kello 11.21 
20.30 and still nothing...
2018 14.10.2013 kello 10.32 
i want itt now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Borgir 14.10.2013 kello 10.26 
Come on, come on... how long can it take? Darkness falls and I'm still waiting,,,
PaperCuT! Tzi 14.10.2013 kello 9.14 
Can't endure it anymore! I have to try it out!!! But I'm forced to wait... but I don't want to wait... I don't want... TO WAIT!!! WAAAAAAAAAAGH!!! XD
Tashi | HemHund #1 14.10.2013 kello 9.00 
It is steam what hasn't confrim the update yet. Not the devs fault :) Just here to inform you. Try to hold on there while waiting for the update! :P
masterkiller 7777 14.10.2013 kello 8.28 
Not released yet??? -.-
Xara 14.10.2013 kello 8.07 
I'm really looking forward to play this, But i'd like to know the certain time, When the patch will be here.