SteamVR Beta Updated - 1.3.4

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bd_ Feb 28 @ 1:25am 
Seems like this version might have broken night mode - it doesn't seem to change brightness when I toggle it now.
Master_Frag Feb 27 @ 9:01pm 
As others have said, this new settings UI feels more like a downgrade than an upgrade.

Commonly used settings (like Night Mode) are now in sub-menus, all of which are spartan, and some settings simply aren't there (SteamVR loading environments).

As it stands, we have a UI that does less, with more clicks, which is usually indicative of an inferior design.

If you guys insist on keeping this format, perhaps make it so we can pin a few commonly used functions onto the main settings screen, as that would fix some of these issues.
If possible, perhaps you should rethink this setup, as it feels like you're just taking Big Picture mode design philosophy and bringing it into SteamVR, and this doesn't really work.

That said, I understand this is beta, and all that entails.
I greatly appreciate the work everyone puts into making everything work, and you've really pushed some amazing updates, even in the few months I've had my headset.

Thank you all, and keep up the good work.
Ghawblin Feb 27 @ 6:07pm 
Just wanted to say, I know there's some things that need to be worked on, but wanted to thank Steam/Valve and the staff working on this.

SteamVR is an excellent (and FREE) piece of software.

Being able to put on my VR headset and be teleported to my own customizable "home" and have friends over is genius. Reminds me a lot of the PSHome back on PS3.

I think my VR experience would be lesser without it, and I know you guys are working hard on it.

Thanks, and keep up the work!
RED-FROG Feb 27 @ 1:03pm 
ok the new settings UI is a nightmare...
frostwork Feb 27 @ 7:09am 
thanks a lot for the massive linux fixes! :}
KILLAmanJARRO Feb 27 @ 4:45am 
When will there be a hepatic scrotum and shaft feedback system?
Zuhan Feb 27 @ 2:17am 
"HTC Tracker 2.0 firmware updated"
How about releasing the 2.0 base stations as a standalone purchase already?
CitizenStew Feb 27 @ 2:02am 
THe new interface doens't add anything imo, also what new options are there in developer to turn on?
gibblets Feb 27 @ 12:09am 
Sounds like a great update! Any ETA on async reprojection on Nvidia Linux? Or Motion Smoothing in general?