SteamVR Beta Updated (1541195823)

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Krokous Nov 5 @ 12:36pm 
Always-On motion smoothing is good. Please add function "render only every 3rd 4th 5th frame" for comparing and testing.(choose how many frames will be interpolated instead of rendered). Thank you.
Soopy Nov 5 @ 12:33pm 
Thanks Alex!
Alex Vlachos  [developer] Nov 5 @ 5:51am 
Lighthouse issue is known. We’re working on a fix.
icebeat Nov 5 @ 5:46am 
Same here with my lighthouses
SantiagoDraco Nov 4 @ 8:00pm 
Having issues with lighthouses shutting down during play. Thought it was bad hardware but it's only a month old. Seems others are having similar issues on the beta. Lighthouse(s) will shut down (no IR array lights), headset will go grey. Periodically one will shut down and the headset will go grey if the active station is not seeing the headset.
MagicMarco Nov 4 @ 12:34pm 
I can no longer play DoomVFR from Oculus while using VR Beta. It was working just before the update, now it just sits on the SteamVR pre-load (grey coordinate field) screen. If I change the update from beta to any of the others, Doom will load (without openvr controller profiles). However, ONLY the retail/release version of SteamVR will load into my house. The others (except Beta which won't load at all) load into the house with no walls or objects and giant pink ERROR written everywhere... Would appreciate some support, when time permits.

mr_belowski Nov 4 @ 8:50am 
Just tested with Bluetooth power management disabled and didn't see any issues during a 2 hour session. To me at least, it looks like a power management issue
mr_belowski Nov 4 @ 6:02am 
vrmonitor log has lots of these:

[Bluetooth Controller] Power Management: [my lighthouse ID], Extend, Success.

and just before a basestation randomly powers down (mid-game) I see one of these:

[Bluetooth Controller] Power Management: [my lighthouse ID], Extend, Fail.
QuiteBeyond Nov 4 @ 5:01am 
Pretty much fixed the pink spikes during gameplay. I tested with skyrim again. The only thing occured, wer the turning off lighthouses during gameplay. @Alex - what would be the best settings for nvidia control panel? Does it make sense to use prerendered images for VR? I have just activated the max performance for skyrim and LOD = clamp, prerendered for VR = 4.

Great update so far - I think it pretty much goes in the right direction. With always on MS I first had an issue with the left view- it had those artifacts glitching around. After restarting steamVR and skyrim it worked fine. There is just a very little difference between 90fps vs 45fps imho. It's definetely smoothing.
the5ovietunion Nov 3 @ 10:29pm 
same issue here, vive pro + wireless, with og vive 2x BS + 2x og vive controllers- BSs going off after 20min or so (or 1 of 2 having issues linkink when launching). never had this type of issue before. am emailing sysreport to alex@valve now, thanks for being ontop of this so quickly!