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外來者 Aug 20 @ 9:15am 
Jim_Partridge Aug 6 @ 7:23am 
Is it possible to change my spawn position in the TF2 base?
I really want to spawn directly outside the base with that amazing view...
Cargo Cult  [developer] Jul 30 @ 11:10pm 
@EvidencePlz: Could you zip up the contents of the following folder and upload it somewhere accessible, please?


Notes on what you were doing when you saved the map would be much appreciated. Even better would be the console output from here - enter a map, save it, reload it and then grab the console logs and savegame files:

Many thanks!
Fokeymann Jul 30 @ 3:05pm 
can you finally give me the turret please ?
i did the quest and i spent more monney on steam than i should, so please do me a favor and fix it as soon as possible
EvidencePlz Jul 30 @ 2:41am 
amazing update. love love love the new Summer pavillion maps. but please fix the bug related to saving/decorating. i can decorate everything fine but after i save them, they all get messed up. many other users reported this issue. thanks.
6FingerFist Jul 27 @ 9:55am 
This has completely ruined my ability to use my Vive or my Vive Pro.
Bacon Overlord® Jul 27 @ 3:28am 
Anyone else having a problem with their Vive remotes not showing fully charged after this patch?
TheOnlyRyann Jul 26 @ 11:39pm 
Yeah, unfortunately this broke A LOT for me. Everything is laggy and having a VERY hard time rendering
SM Sith Lord Jul 26 @ 10:24pm 
Looks awesome!
Monad Jul 26 @ 10:05pm 
Ten more years of tf2 confirmed