SteamVR Hotfix - 1.4.18

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dansman161985 Jun 2 @ 7:00pm 
never had a issue with my vr set until this update. now all it does while playing is skip frames one second it's clear next it's blurry..
2rad4rio May 27 @ 7:06pm 
I read reviews and does it still crassh and shiz
tomlong74 May 27 @ 5:09pm 
Latest HTC Vive & SteamVR on Mac and on PC are borked.

- Mac OSX Latested Version -
Mac SteamVR & BETA - same outcomes below
Mac SteamVR will bring up the black grid world with visible controllers and base stations.
Mac SteamVR crashes Unity 2018.3.14f1 on press play in editor.
Mac SteamVR will only play Blobby Tennis audio but will not display on the Vive HMD
Mac SteamVR will only play Electronauts on the monitor, but will not display on the Vive HMD

- Windows 10 Home -
Win SteamVR & BETA - same outcome below
Vive HMD red light only will not turn green - disconnected all cables, rebooted headset via power down and via reboot option on SteamVR menu window

igsorian May 27 @ 1:54pm 
Keep crashing...
wendydroid May 26 @ 3:25pm 
Still having crashing and freezing issues that never existed before these last updates :(
Revenge May 26 @ 1:26pm 
This update disables previously fully functional custom bindings for Skyrim VR despite there having been no update of Skyrim VR
cosmic2018 May 25 @ 11:56am 
Ok so after a recent update my system mechanic decided it would be ok to full on delete the Localize.dll file needed for updates to take place. i have disabled system shield for system mechanic however i am still lacking the Localize.dll file, is there any way to get it without uninstalling everything and reinstalling.
Slum May 25 @ 8:41am 
both base stations are not being detected with this new build. please fix
Rymy_Eetu May 25 @ 1:44am 
You still have same crashing issues, SteamVR crashes just few seconds after it has been started. Latest stable build is 1.3.23 All other clients after that crashes SteamVR

VivePro with Windows 10
t3hguru May 24 @ 8:05pm 
This seems to have broken my Display Mirroring.
Win 7 x64
i73770k 16GB ram
Gtx 1080
Most current Nvidia drivers ( at time of post )
Current on all windows patches as well.

Trying rolling back display drivers to test issue. So far issue persists across several video driver versions.

Tried deleting VR Settings app, removing all usb devices and reinstalling.
Powercycled all hardware

I am able to capture screen shots in the Display mirror and the files show good views. But Nothing displays in the realtime video view of the display mirror window just a white screen. .