SteamVR Update - Version 1.6.10

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Jennifer Lawrence Aug 16 @ 11:43am 
Still having the issue of one of my base stations wont stabilize
vl4dimir Aug 12 @ 2:02am 
So, for anyone else having issues on macOS, apparently there's a "macOS default" stable channel you can select under the "Betas" tab (!!!!!!) in SteamVR's properties.
vl4dimir Aug 12 @ 1:39am 
Can't start SteamVR at all anymore on macOS. I'm getting the 310 error, and no amount of restarting will help. Completely unusable.
jdhplante Aug 9 @ 10:51am 
Controllers for my Vive are not tracking since this update. I've gone through every possible troubleshooting suggestion. :steamsad: Please fix asap for the next update!
Mr. SERbIY Aug 6 @ 4:44am 
Now when I click on the trigger halfway in HTC Vive - it already fires and then the click does not fire until I completely release it. It is not very convenient for fast shooting.
sChildRen Aug 6 @ 2:21am 
anyone can confirm this >>

Steam: Steam Error
TheBurk Aug 5 @ 2:17pm 
Witcher420 Aug 4 @ 9:01pm 
I have an issue with how I can't comfortably play seated on my couch (which is against my living room wall) without having that annoying chaperone line (even on developer mode). I have a standard size living room 14ft x 14ft, am I missing something here?
Marco Balletta Aug 4 @ 8:30pm 
I have the valve index with the knuckles and the 2 base stations.

Could you please add a way to assign keyboard strokes to the knuckles's joystick and thumbpad ?

I use a DIY system for walking in games, that is based on keyboard input.
The VR Realm Aug 4 @ 12:44pm 
Seems since the update my base stations are greyed out in Steam VR? Can be found when scanning for base stations properties and all lights are green on the base stations - just greyed out icons on Steam VR. I have tried all the recommend trouble shooting and full uninstall and install and no luck - any suggestions?