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SteamVR has been updated with the latest beta build, 1.5.15.

If you encounter issues with this update, please post in the SteamVR Bug Report forum. If possible, please include a system report to aid in tracking down your issue.

  • Added a limit to the number of times vrwebhelper will try to restart a part of the web UI if it crashes.
  • Limited audio initialization in vrwebhelper to only happen when the UI has requested volume change events. This works around a rare crash for all the other pieces of UI.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Valve Index Controller thumbstick to jump to the center between valid values.

SteamVR Home:
  • Minor change to all default controller bindings to fix teleport and snap turn getting comingled if your thumb drifts

SteamVR Input:
  • Fixed error with actions bound to trackpads returning scroll_wheel as the active component.

Valve Index Controller Firmware:
  • Fixed a source of controller tracking dropouts.
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