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Linkmasteh 21 чер 2014 о 23:06 
in the caves, some spots are glitchy like the tight spaces that you can get stuck in the wall. love the game, just wish that i didnt get off to a great start only taking a chance to get stuck and have to kill my self or delete the save to fix the problem. that is the only flaw that i know of as of 30 minutes ago. Love the game! also, a future update suggestion: the walls with the vines on them could possibly be made so you can climb up or down it to get to another room or hall way that could lead to someplace else. i think that would be neat and clever.
cdoublejj 7 чер 2014 о 6:34 
also screw that noise i think the game is plenty hard.
cdoublejj 7 чер 2014 о 6:34 
yet smashinng fabric tents and wood logs still leaves metal/conrete gouge marks.
Kalas 18 тра 2014 о 20:01 
Love the new content but the game needs to be harder.
_Keldt_ 18 тра 2014 о 14:50 
Will the Humble Store version end up being the same as the Steam version? Will Humble Store people get the editor or do I need to spend another 8 dollars on this for that? I'm willing, it's just kind of inconvenient
Alien 4 тра 2014 о 16:10 
When is this godamn game coming out? I heard about it today and im all excited about it!
Vizinix 24 кві 2014 о 12:10 
Awesome update. Keep em' coming!
Snagglepuff 19 кві 2014 о 10:12 
Suggestion: I was hoping that when a "scroll of teleport" is in possession, that it would be used with a hotkey (e.g., T or I), somewhere you wont accidentally press like I have with Q and 1,2,3 hot keys from frantic combat. I think it needs to be a failsafe for difficult confrontations. Also: stores should show stats of the items being sold. -_-
Snagglepuff 19 кві 2014 о 10:11 
(continued) Then this last time i played, the random stats for lvl-up was always showing the same three! I needed the health one really bad and it would not show for some reason. Is it truly random? Because the law of statistics say that it should have given me health multiple times already and had not (then I died from a one hit spell).
Snagglepuff 19 кві 2014 о 10:09 
I thought this game was pretty easy at first; the first time I played I was doing very well. Figuring things out and such and I am not sure how "deep" the game goes, but there were skeletons and whatnot. I died because of a fluke: a bat pushed me off an edge into slow-moving water between two zombies against a wall. Trapped. :c