Dungeon of the Endless

Dungeon of the Endless

[0.1.0] Alpha Release Notes

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chorizo 2013年12月28日 0時11分 
i really love it from the first launch. the atmosphere, the music, everything. it really got me playing a lot. i'm really looking forward for the beta, please keep up the good work don't let us waiting too long
Cute Kitsune 2013年12月14日 20時46分 
Your 1st preview flashed so much it started to hurt my eyes. Please slow the flashing rate down it really turned me away from wanting to even touch the 2nd video.
kkdude 2013年12月13日 13時39分 
Really fun game. I ended up beating it on my 4th try, with just about an hour and a half play time. I know that this is still in early alpha, and it is very fun, but why not just have the game keep going instead of ending at level 3? If the dungeons are randomely generated, can't they just get bigger each time, and allow the heroes to go above level 5? Regardless, I enjoyed the game and found no problems in this build. Some of the comments said that the game was too hard, but aside from a few instant deaths when first starting out I found the game to have a very good difficulty level. The swarms of enemies when you move the power source is hard, but in my finished playthrough I only lost one person, and he was replaced in th 3rd room of the next floor. Great work so far!
zerohalo 2013年12月13日 13時13分 
Is the game turn based?
ThreadPool (Digital Coyote) 2013年12月12日 21時42分 
tooke me literally 12 min to finish all 3 levels. Once you get the strategy down, its run in run out. Good game but if you get lucky on placement, you can win far too quickly.
mrcookie2099 2013年12月12日 3時57分 
Purchased the pixel pack instead of the founder pack. Is there any way to purchase an upgrade to the founder pack?
PatrickMoonDog 2013年12月12日 2時07分 
Dont let "Endless" trick you, I just beat the game with a 1.5 hours play through. Other than that its a great game. Ive logged 6 hours which was longer than it took me to beat Battlefield 4. I purchased copies for 2 friends and we all love it.

I look forward to enjoying this game as it grows from Alpha 0.1.0.

Keep up the good work.
Izu 2013年12月12日 1時49分 
Great experience with the game so far, looking very polished for an alpha 0.1! While there seems to be support from the community to develop a multiplayer aspect to the game, I'd say keep it as a singleplayer game for sure. Is there a place to submit any bug reports or suggestions that would help the developers?
BigSmoochie 2013年12月11日 22時19分 
Tons of fun, but I find it almost impossible to move past the first level. Enemies seem to come from all over as soon as the generator is taken from the ship. Maybe tone down the sheer amount of enemies that spawn when moving the generator, or give a bit of time before they start to spawn. Right now my guys are mobbed before they can get through two rooms, and there just aren't enough resources to keep all the enemies at bay. At the very least, it would be better if entire waves of enemies didn't spawn in the rooms your heroes just walked through.

And this might be in the works already, but a hero with the ability to close a door again would be nice too, to allow people to plan their approach to the exit once its found. Or maybe instead you could spend dust as if you were powering a room to keep a door shut. That way you could force enemies into chokepoints.

But besides the current difficulty, its a really awesome game. Looking forward to updates!
Squidiculous 2013年12月11日 20時58分 
Really fun so far! I've only had time to play an hour and only just got past the first level, but one thing I found underpowered was the slow enemies down module. I had two of them but didn't really notice any difference. Also I'm confused about how repairing modules works. Can only some heroes do it? The short one with anger issues wouldn't repair them, but the hero who grew up in the labs was super boss at it, like no problem man, let me fix that for you. Bam.