Door Kickers

Update 1.03 Released, and a contest

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Turtle_Pharts 13 дек. 2014 в 9:40 
love you guys, this is on my top 5 games of the year for sure:3089tank:
Victor Bravo 28 ноем. 2014 в 17:31 
This game continues to get better and better. Is it possible for the next update to include an opponent that is wearing a SVIED (Suicide Vest)? The blast radius could include KIA and WIA ranges and the wearer could initiate immediately or with a time delay. Add to this an investigative behaviour option and you can have a real dilemma roaming around the objective. Keep up the excellent work.
cfGGjhn 28 ноем. 2014 в 6:04 
Будет интересно :3
vb 27 ноем. 2014 в 15:55 
Great game keeps getting... greaterer. :pixlotderp:
Vulpe Nebuna  [разработчик] 27 ноем. 2014 в 13:55 
:) Thank you for giving out suggestions :)
Chubzdoomer 27 ноем. 2014 в 13:09 
Thank you for implementing my suggestion about switching between sniper targets using TAB!
Uninstall Wizard 27 ноем. 2014 в 12:31 
Post launch supp is amazang :)
axios2006 27 ноем. 2014 в 10:40 
Thanks Devs!
Snake 27 ноем. 2014 в 8:41 
Among the best post-launch support I've ever seen! Great job, team!
Sawich 27 ноем. 2014 в 7:55 
Holy♥♥♥♥♥♥ Good