Spacebase DF-9

Spacebase DF-9 Alpha 4a released

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☠ Asasin ☠ 26 Μαρ 2014 στις 17:10 
My people also died of asphyxiation during construction projects. I thought it was just because the guy was heavily depressed and was moving slower than usual (or maybe just stopped caring).

I like the game so far, only played one base to its death (which wasn't that long), but I was kinda frustrated by the fact that the game only considered my primary base structure's oxygen, which lead to the AI freaking out despite the fact there was a perfectly fine derelict I had claimed with enough O2 recyclers to support them.
I suppose this might be fixed in a future patch anyway.
Dragonorder18 18 Φεβ 2014 στις 18:56 
They still need to work on the pathfinding bugs. They often suffocate some of my builders because they go for the farthest possible airlock, instead of the closer more convenient ones.
Spoofle 18 Φεβ 2014 στις 11:48 
pelotedelaine -> thanks, i'll try that asap. merci !
Pelotedelaine 17 Φεβ 2014 στις 8:39 
Spoofie > To properly fight hostile, set people of your team's job as "security" and set a beacon at a point they'll have a chance to rally before the hostiles arrive.
Spoofle 17 Φεβ 2014 στις 6:27 
How fight against hostile ? all my team was killed so i've forced airlock door open and the bad guys have been "sucked" into space until i closed airlock door then nobody stopped at my spacebase. Just have to look a ghost spacebase of horror filled with dead people, sound scarry no ?
Sweeman 17 Φεβ 2014 στις 5:10 
10. People in panic should leave a room with low oxygen, when the security alert is triggered or die quickly.
11. Some of my builders died while demolishing a derelict. Simply because they forgot about oxygen?
12. Camera focus on incoming shuttles (not cancelable) is driving me nuts.
13. Every time I load a game, the last research is stoped.

To be honest. People are just to dumb. It gets really aggravating.
I'm looking forward for new releases.
Sweeman 17 Φεβ 2014 στις 5:10 
6. If floor continues to get damaged that often, building a new one should be top priority for builders. When I tell them to do it they are just lazy and will do it waaay too late.
7. Priority for tasks should be worked on with nearly every class. I get really pissed, when they just idle around, despite of important to do.
8. All miners are deeply sad. Even though they are lazy as shit and hang around in the bar for ages.
9. I built at least two fire extinguishers into every room. But my people often try to stomp out a fire and then the game tells me "Some of your inhabitants try to extinguish a fire without tools. Built a fire extinguisher" WTF?
Sweeman 17 Φεβ 2014 στις 5:10 
I noticed a few things I'd like to point out:
1. Builders, bartenders etc. just do one thing, then go to a door, come back and do another thing.
2.While eating and drinking the timer doesn't count down. Some times people get stuck doing that (see next point).
3. With two bar-rooms people tend to stand around idly. Fridges don't get filled at the same time. Only the one built last. And 10 bartenders don't seem to be enough to handle even a little amount of guests. When i close one bar-area, they do just fine.
4. When there is a hole in the floor due to space debris, people get into the room, panic and don't get out of there. So they get sucked out into space or suffocate.

5. Floor is damaged way too often!

DetectiveWhiskers 17 Φεβ 2014 στις 4:21 
Looking forward to really digging into the new updates when AI gets worked out a little. Keep up the good work and hope new patches come soon.
mfrisbyuk 16 Φεβ 2014 στις 21:02 
2mth for an Alpha release and you can even get that right the 02 upgrade ??/ Does not work, and the level it decades needs looking at, the path for the beacon dont work security goes in and out try to find a way in when there is a door leading to it add a airlock again cant find a way in just goes to the beacon point out then returns to spend 10min eating chatting playing games and slepping just to do it all over again