Space Engineers

Space Engineers

Am Considering Buying Some Ladders! Funding Secured!

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Comrade Necron Feb 28 @ 9:51am 
I miss ladders
The1Caezar Feb 28 @ 12:49am 
I want a ladder
Leewyn Feb 28 @ 12:06am 
pls engine bug fix no ladder :steamhappy:
brogamestar12 Feb 27 @ 9:21pm 
If they add ladders I wont have to keep using hydrogen fuel to get out of my ship, or make small elevators.
EconomicHitMan Feb 27 @ 7:15pm 
Love the shot at Elon Musk. Hey Marek - can you prove this to the SEC? :D
CTH2004 Feb 27 @ 7:03pm 

If I am correct, the ladders might be in the update tommor. I think it might be a feature that they didn't put in the public alphas! (As a suprise) However, i don't know!

And, Keen, keep up the good work!

I am quite Keen to see what is in the future of this game by Keen
Johan 2.0 Feb 27 @ 6:50pm 
I want the update as much as the next guy but holy cow. Make it wait. Get a trailer and we can collect more salt.
Vargali Feb 27 @ 6:22pm 
enough with the ladder memes... give us the frakin update already....
FireFox Feb 27 @ 6:10pm 
@k4boomz Ladders were in the game before, they were removed, now they're re-adding them. either go get bent or stop playing SE. Either way I don't care.

The typical AAA game takes 6 years to develop, Early Access has spoiled you little brats.:lunar2019coolpig:
shark2 Feb 27 @ 5:52pm 
The ladder again, give it a break.