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Space Engineers

Houston, We Have Another Public Test Coming Your Way!

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FancyCat Feb 18 @ 3:47pm 
Looks pretty solid, the only notes i have are on the progression system. it feels a bit like a chore instead of a goal. I would recommend having it based on predetermined goals like finding the tech on abandoned asteroid bases or downed ships. something that gives more of a reason to build the more interesting contraptions like a truck grinder or something..

That probably isnt super helpful but other than the progression it all looks pretty solid.
Cambox23 Feb 18 @ 3:41pm 
This test was great, I had a few issues like falling through the earth and fazing through walls, then the times I'd turn on my jetpack start going in random directions was so funny I watched it for about 20 min one time laughing. I want to say a huge thanks to the dev team because this game is helping me through the loss of my gran. Can't wait for the next test and the release to come out, keep up the amazing work.
Beta Mark Feb 18 @ 12:28pm 
@ro Bot -- they are not releasing public tests because they may have introduced MAJOR bugs (crashes, game breaking, klang making). They have been on this model for a while where they leave the main branch with the most recent "stable" release, and they keep the "playtest" branch to themselves.

With that said -- if you download a playtest and then switch your Steam to Offline and do not use any mods -- you can keep playing the playtest -- but you are not allowed to complain about it blowing up your stuff or killing your CPU.
IIBuxy Feb 18 @ 10:14am 
Eos, the test is over. Keep an eye out for the next one if another one happens.
Eos Feb 18 @ 9:36am 
and before someone tells me I had typed something wrong it's directly copied from here in there
Eos Feb 18 @ 9:29am 
I would really love to play this test but it says tht the code is invalid
please help
Ro Bot Feb 18 @ 9:13am 
It is a nice step up but this quickly turned into a carrot on a stick. I don't understand why they cannot release what they have in terms of notable survival and continue from there onwards. Or to put it in other words:

Can there ever be too many public tests?

Y-E-S (without releases anyway)
doom2024 Feb 18 @ 8:07am 
thanks cant access my world from test should still be able to even after some of us didn't have all weekend to play was not on your servers was on mine you had no right to modify my files and remove access.
Scouttrooper39 Feb 18 @ 7:20am 
dammit, was gonna play yesterday because i had time, but i got sick.
Green_ya Feb 18 @ 4:33am