FRONTLINE NEWS: Verdun E4I World Championship Finals, Update, and more!

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蓝莓控 Apr 26 @ 7:56am 
we need Chinese
Bishop Apr 21 @ 9:11am 
@Pierre Dit Bonjour: How exactly would it be cool? Also has been ruled out by the Devs.
Pierre Dit Bonjour Apr 21 @ 7:49am 
Pierre Dit Bonjour Apr 21 @ 7:45am 
I think it wpuld be really cool if you added jamming.
Survivor Joe Apr 20 @ 11:52am 
just add bots
Lilifee the cute fairy Apr 18 @ 8:36am 
Feedback regarding the questionaire.

If you ask the people if the like the game more realistic or more arcade. I think you should first aks how much realistic or how much arcade the people think the game is.
thehunteryeah Apr 17 @ 10:33am 
Bots ruin the game, in Tannenburg they're somewhat fine due to the large map but in Verdun (shudders) No, just no
不浪何以生 Apr 16 @ 8:00pm 
we only need bots! please!!!
Petulant Child Apr 14 @ 1:02pm 
I waant this game when it's on sale next for sure!
LV|Ironstorm767 Apr 14 @ 7:27am 
@BobbyHill: You can test out the WIP sound overhaul with this Steam launch option: FMOD FMOD_WIP

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