FRONTLINE NEWS: Updates, Bots, and a Sunday Reenactment Event

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Fusiliers-Grenadiers Jun 8 @ 7:43pm 
i agree to that point, but it posted you can add bots to the other game modes in Verdun?? I could be wrong on that part.
Bishop Jun 3 @ 10:45pm 
@Fusiliers-Grenadiers: Only bots in Verdun are in Squad defence.
Fusiliers-Grenadiers May 30 @ 8:23pm 
um where are the bots in Verdun??, cos I check on all gamemodes and there were no bots in those match??
Velox May 30 @ 1:05am 
Also bottom right corner:
Activate Windows
Velox May 30 @ 1:03am 
I also hope bots will come to Deathmatch eventually :)
Bishop May 29 @ 10:36pm 
@Zathmo: only fill empty slots in public matches.
Zathmo May 29 @ 4:26pm 
Will bots only fill in empty player space, or will they exceed the player count? I hope the latter, because having a more full battlefield will make this game more cinematic.
☭ Vladimir Lenin ☭ May 25 @ 11:31am 
@Bishop I know I read it again
Bishop May 25 @ 3:31am 
@Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte I: they haven't been added.
☭ Vladimir Lenin ☭ May 24 @ 8:37pm 
where are the bots im in a private match and the bots are not spawning in