FRONTLINE NEWS: Roadmap update and... new weapons!

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Cristian Rommel Sep 17 @ 8:24am 
suf Sep 16 @ 1:22am 
@Aragonite The Webley-Fosbery was in BF1 as the "Auto Revolver"
Glass of Lime Soda Sep 15 @ 5:15pm 
The hell is that revolver?
Ocean Man Sep 15 @ 2:33pm 
is the new squad Aussies cause "diggers"
Sgt.Kar98 Sep 14 @ 11:05pm 
Great that the entrenchment tool was added.
But I hope more melee weapons and grenades could be added,like the french nail,knuckle dusters,the Kugelhandgranate 1913,Diskushandgranate 1915,Model 1914 Ball Grenade (or model 1847),Grenade P1 Percutante,No. 1 Grenade,No. 2 Hales Pattern Percussion Hand Grenade....
Aragonite Sep 14 @ 1:11pm 
Battlefield 1 have the most strangest weapons of the Great War!!!
BattleChief Sep 14 @ 9:46am 
Or maybe the M1909 Colt new service...both were present during the first World war, the New Service was produced before hand...or even the Colt M1892..I just want more old-timey historical pieces to be a part of this game, it gives you SO many choices...and I think only one of these should be put in, due to the limitations of the subclasses for your squads..something to put them on par with Landser or even with their allies, the Tommies, and French..
BattleChief Sep 14 @ 9:38am 
can I just make a gun suggestion? Where is the M1917 Revolver from the US arsenal? I have been dying to get my hands on more revolvers in Verdun..also, can we get a new reload for the french revolver? I think its kinda annoying that I gotta reload the whole cylinder, and if I cancel before that, it unloads all the rounds he put in...Kinda wish it was like the reichrevolver, and it counted every time you loaded a round...just something I would like to bring up..
Bishop Sep 13 @ 2:57pm 
@Just a salty A-10: Thanks for pointing it out, has been fixed.