Tighter Frontlines desertion rules, Douaumont map update, MG deployment changed, and more!

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Decky Jun 13 @ 1:08pm 
Bots would be a good adition since this game does not have a very large playerbase. Sometimes all of the servers are empty and the game is basically unplayable.
Oberstleutnant Jun 11 @ 5:48pm 
please bring bots
Add bots to the game but please don't add too many.
Joe Bonamassa Jun 6 @ 8:50am 
Please add bot support to Verdun! The people who say "keep bots out" don't understand that some players may want to play the game when the player count is low or simply don't have good enough internet connections to play well enough online. It's a world of difference and an option that the player opts into :D
[2.Han.IR] Dré Jun 2 @ 4:40pm 
Please keep bots out of verdun
Bishop Jun 2 @ 6:02am 
@Pezhetairoi : yes it is being worked on, can help test it by adding launch options: FMOD FMOD_WIP
Pezhetairoi Jun 2 @ 3:38am 
One last thing I wanna ask,when will you add the FMOD sound system in Verdun?Same system has been added in Tannenberg.
Carbon Based Lifeform Jun 1 @ 9:07am 
this game isnt acutally dead, i still find full servers
steelcityryan May 31 @ 1:35pm 
I do hope bots will appear on the horizon shortly...
不浪何以生 May 31 @ 5:41am 
@Wilson,thanks for your working!!! :doge: