FRONTLINE NEWS - The Grand Merge Update

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LV|Ironstorm767 Feb 24 @ 2:07pm 
@Lone Trooper: No, you don't need to buy Tannenberg. The merger was to bring the games together to better support both. While at the same time, the update came with the added bonus of being able to switch between fronts if you own both games.
Lone Trooper Feb 24 @ 11:38am 
does that mean i don't need to buy Tanne-whatever?
[DevilDog] Dr. Phil Feb 22 @ 5:35pm 
I have a question, will these updates be applied to the console version of Verdun?
I bought the PS4 version and was just wondering.
General Issue Joesph Feb 21 @ 8:18am 
I was running it pretty well on mac until this update, and I tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it a lot, and it didn't work. Should I just re-buy it?
Beatle Feb 8 @ 1:14pm 
Performance is significantly better. Keep up the good work
LV|Ironstorm767 Feb 5 @ 10:38pm 
@Pvt. Jonsoslve: Relaunch Verdun, with the Steam Cloud enabled. Sounds like your local data isn't up to date, so it's thinking you don't have any..? (Please make a post on Bug Reports)

@Winters: Please make a bug report on the support website, [] with your computer specs +  game log file.

@Gamezee Makara: Please make a post about it on General Discussions, sharing your computer specs. Could try this launch option though: -force-glcore
Vriska Serket Feb 5 @ 8:46pm 
before i colud run on low all settings now it won't run well at all
Winters Feb 5 @ 4:13pm 
Ive been playing since the beta of Verdun, but recently i noticed that the sky in game has turned purple as well as the ground and weapons... plz help
Pvt. Jonsoslve. Feb 5 @ 8:30am 
One problem I got botg games before the merger and whenI played tannanburg and then swiched in Tannanburg to verfun ingame it did not show any of my progess I had with Verdun. It may be I changed my name inbetween getting Verdun and thannanburg. And is the next game going to be Italy?
Qi Jiguang Feb 4 @ 11:18pm 
Really like both Verdun and Tannenberg. Would like to see if you're going to add any other fronts to the game (Italian, Ottoman Empire, etc.).

My only complaint so far is the movement of the bots. Sometimes it feels as if they're "jerky" and the movement of the game stops briefly. Don't know what causes this or maybe it's just me, but otherwise a good game and hope there are other maps in development.