The Forest

The Forest


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srijankumarpaul Sep 18 @ 2:22am 
where is the update ?
CausingNickel Sep 17 @ 4:29am 
When you will focus on optimization and performance more? Because it's still garbage for me. Why GTX 560 is recommended for this game? I'm running 4GB GTX 770 and I still can't get solid FPS. It drops below 30 on multiplayer. Why "Quad Core CPU" is recommended? I'm running Intel Core i5 7500 and it's still lagging
NaNeR Sep 16 @ 7:34am 
Haven't tried it yet, but has the option to DROP items been added to VR?
Huntersolstice Sep 15 @ 11:41pm 
Does anyone else have issues with floating 1 foot above the ground in VR? It's very disorienting and makes me feel like a giant. I use HTC.
System32 Sep 15 @ 1:45pm 
Hello, someone know how fix this bug, when i play in a server whit mi friends the game pulls me out.
Bad Mr. Frosty Sep 13 @ 12:45pm 
The game need a skill system
Downski Sep 12 @ 10:21am 
Skates81 Are you using a Virtual LAN or personal hardware?. remember your addressing, ports, rules and protocols
Avengest Sep 12 @ 6:24am 
Love the game. The tease in the release notes about news coming soon about larger content update is killing me. When will we get a little more information on what this means?
Catfood Sep 11 @ 3:58am 
is good game
skates81 Sep 10 @ 4:23am 

I'm trying to setup a dedicated online server but cant seem to do so.

I have set one up but it only appears in Dedicated (LAN) and not (Internet) and also says the server is runing a different patch release of the game?

Any help on this would be great.