Version 1.77 Release Notes

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God 2013年10月27日上午11:23 
Plz add NPCs and stuff like singleplayer maps. That would be really fun and if someone didn't want to play multiplayer they could do missions and stuff!
KillerMindz 2013年10月23日上午4:52 
sup bro
Krillock 2013年10月17日下午7:34 
Please add more gun building mechanics like recoil,
a model for what comes out of the barrel:
(bullets, musket balls, LAZERS, knives, rockets, sawblades, etc) ,
different types of achetypes:
(pistol, lmg, burst fire rifles, laser/ plasma weapons, whatever you can think of)
because i dont feel that i can bring my dream guns to life :(

Vehicle building would be awsome too
Im not shure if this is already fixed but shotguns need a random fireing pattern (pellets always land in the same place).
ܓLauch 2013年10月17日上午8:01 
since the last Update, Guncraft crashed everytime when i saved my weapon.. :-(
literal actual C A V E M U N 2013年10月12日下午2:54 
Check the forums for proof!
literal actual C A V E M U N 2013年10月12日下午2:54 
* Craftys in firing range now hold your gun and show the 4 main animations

Ruλben 2013年10月12日上午5:57 
A friend showed me this pic and every weapon is in workshop but Melee weapons. Will it be in the next update?
Wurst-Case-Scenario 2013年10月11日上午8:29 
Meet the Crafties!
HardAzRockz 2013年10月11日上午7:08 
Awesome! Keep'em coming.
#Imail2010 2013年10月10日下午2:25 
да похуй игра хуйня!
только зря взял!