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Hey all!

After 4 long years, we're pushing a new BETA build of Rogue Legacy to the public. There may be a few bugs, but we wanted to get something out during the Summer Sale so we thought we'd go for it. Expect a final more bug-free version with updates in the near future.

**We plan to roll out these updates to Mac and Linux once it goes final.

- Localization is finally in! You can now play RL in English, French, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Polish, and Simplified Chinese! :)
- If you run into any translation bugs, please send an email to

Gameplay Updates
- Boss remixes now only spawn in NG+ and up.
- Donation boxes have been added to the game. Having trouble with the Remixes? You can now level up the Pre-fab characters multiple times in order to give yourself that extra edge you need. But be warned, it will cost you!
- Prosopagnosia trait added.
- Clonus trait added.

Stability Fixes
- Improved graphics stability for Intel Integrated video cards
- Numerous bug fixes to calculating total time played.

Future (official patch launch)
- Will add mouse buttons to Key config to allow you to bind mouse buttons.
- A new portrait will been added to the game.
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