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Green Sticky Wall
The Green Sticky Wall is... uh.. sticky. Parts can start out stuck to it or get stuck when they hit it. You can use other parts or forces to knock stuck parts loose.

Play with Official Solutions
Now after solving puzzles if you choose to see the official solution it will show up in full play screen instead of just the small window. You can then move parts around and test out changes. Much better than the small window. You can also see your own solution and edit it.

20 Wonderstructs Puzzles
There are now 20 official Wonderstructs puzzles.

20 Battling Cards Puzzles
Also now have 20 Battling Cards Puzzles.

Up Next
  • Really need to get some more puzzles using the new parts that have been added in the last 8 months.
  • There will be another new part in May.
  • Mighty Knights addition. Aiming for June, but won't release until good.
  • Looking into adding a weekly competitive race mode to Contraption Maker. Just a germ of an idea right now.
  • Minigolf Blast sometime before summer end. Early Access. Have help for this one.
  • Gamedev is fun!
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