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Decuervo 2014. márc. 17., 0:19 
Keep up the good work Double Bear. Looking forward to the full release!
ShankerOne 2014. márc. 13., 18:41 
I expected when I bought into the early access that there would be hiccups, bugs, glitches, and delays, so no worries. Give my best to your team. Hopefully all will work out and they can get ack to business as usual minus the threat of war.
Sustanon 2014. márc. 12., 0:30 
Game has heaps of potential, but after playing the game and enduring numerous crashes and bugs im going to have to say judging by some of these seemingly basic crashes and issues you are many months away from having a finished product. My fingers are crossed, because im hooked and really want to keep playing, but in its current state it is un-playable..
Blackout 2014. márc. 11., 19:15 
Pretty dissapointed overall with my experience so far with Dead State. Aside from the whole alpha/early access shenanigans, I feel the game is not on track for where it claims to be and lacks the polish of a demo, especially as the playyhrough is very limited. I don't see any of the features that are advertised. It sad that some of your development team is having issues, but really, not my problem and you should have the project management in place to deal with that. I don't think that's an appropriate factor here. I think you should have waited until the project was closer to completion rather than accepting money and releasing a (very) work in progress.
cylus80 2014. márc. 10., 23:18 
Re: LordJack - It is a good idea to wait. The demo is pretty sad, controls unintuitive, VERY limited, and overall a big dissapointment. I have been following this game since it started on kickstarter, and they have missed every date that they have put out there by a lot, and they are terrible at sharing information. I would bet that the final version of this game is a year or more out, and that the "promised" updates to this demo are at least 3 months away. One day, maybe when my kids are grown, this may become an "ok" game, but it will be shadowed by the poorly run company that put it out.
Protocole74 2014. márc. 10., 18:58 
Sir_I_Smokalot you pay for the full game.
But you cant have more now because its not finished yet.
Its in alpha stage or something like that. Wait and see.
Avecdesfrites 2014. márc. 10., 15:50 
Can someone tell me wtf is happening with demo/early access ?
Can anyone redirect me with a post from doublebear saying the clear whole truth about this game ? And reassuring me I bought the whole stuff for 23 €... ?
Jack 2014. márc. 10., 10:54 
i wait for buy the stuff . i want buy a full game and not a 7 days demo
DoctorSanchez47 2014. márc. 9., 7:34 
I know im still waiting for these updates. Ive already got a few videos of the current patch on the video section if you guys wanna check it out.

Also i'll be doing future videos of the game as of when new big patches arrive =)
Romans 2014. márc. 8., 7:59