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Hey all, it took awhile to do the transcript and even then, I decided that even just the first half hour is pages of text.

That being said, I cut it of after what I believe is the important information that people want to see. We are not dead, but I also do not want to overuse announcements for you. There will be future announcements made here.

If you want a more daily talking, we are hanging out in our discord channel and will be doing lots of communication there in order to not spam you, here.

Without further stalling, here is the link to the first section of the transcript, I did my best to to make it word for word from the audio. I may consider providing audio for people in the future as well, but not at the moment.

For those who have not seen, here is the discord chat:

If you want to see live day to day communications and pulse as to what is going on. Please join it! Though it won't be as <cough> "formal" as announcements can be.

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