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In short: The first aircraft produced in Romania in War Thunder. A premium of the 2nd rank, ease of controllability, armed with two 20mm German MG 151/20 cannons with a large amount of ammunition, and machine guns.

The I.A.R. 81-C is the final wartime modification of one of the most well known domestically produced Romanian WW2 military aircraft. This aircraft model has been created by one of our players, Vitaliy Vostokov a.k.a. NovA29R[live.warthunder.com] and thanks to the War Thunder revenue share program[wiki.warthunder.com], the I.A.R. 81-C will once more take to the skies as a new user-made vehicle, coming to the game with the upcoming update 1.79!

After fulfilling several government and licence contracts, the relatively young I.A.R. (Industria Aeronautică Română) company had enough resources and technical know-how to begin developing their own fighter aircraft. Taking inspiration from previous licenced projects, I.A.R. engineers initiated a private venture by beginning working on their own fighter aircraft in late 1937, which would later be known as the I.A.R. 80. As work was progressing slowly, the first prototype wasn’t completed until spring 1939. Initial testing produced positive results, proving that the I.A.R. 80 could be considered a modern fighter despite not matching the performance of contemporary Bf 109s and Spitfires. After addressing some minor issues and upgrading the prototype’s engine, the I.A.R. 80 was tested in a head-to-head competition with the German He 112. Impressed by the aircraft’s display, the Romanian government placed an order for 100 I.A.R. 80s to be produced, while only a limited number of He 112s were ordered for production. Despite starting production almost instantly after the order was placed, I.A.R. struggled to ramp up production as shortages on the Belgian-made FN Browning 7.92mm machine guns became an increasing issue in the wake of the German invasion of the Benelux states. By April 1941 however with Romania joining the Axis, the armament shortages were temporarily addressed. Taking advantage of the opportunity, I.A.R. upgraded their fighter to the I.A.R. 80-A, increasing the number of machine guns to the initially proposed six and installing a more powerful engine, thus solving many initial concerns with the aircraft.

The I.A.R. 81-C will become available for purchase to all War Thunder pilots in the upcoming update 1.79. Stay tuned to the news for the latest developments on the next major update for War Thunder. Until then, pilots!

For more information, read the full Dev Blog article on the Official War Thunder Forums![forum.warthunder.com]
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