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The War Thunder team would like to congratulate players with the Chinese New Year holiday that is also often referred to as Lunar New Year, or literally "Spring Festival".

From the 28th of January (11:00 GMT) until the 1st of February (11:00 GMT)

While controlling Chinese vehicles:
  • Play 3 battles to get the “Fu the Tiger” decal.
  • Win 5 battles to get the “Sky lantern” decoration.

Challenges must be completed in vehicles of rank II or above, with a battle activity over 70% in random battles, except for the “Assault” mode.

Track your progress by clicking your nickname, then “Achievements → Lunar New Year”.

Available again!
The following vehicles, previously withdrawn from sale in the store, can now be purchased using Golden Eagles in-game on all platforms. There is no discount on these vehicles.
  • Tank T-62 (Rank 6 China) - available till the end of the offer;
  • Fighter Shenyang F-5 (Rank 5 China) - permanently available.
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Lunar New Year
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