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The P-40F is a later modification of the well-known American Warhawk which strived to address some of the underlying performance issues of the earlier variants by featuring a more powerful engine. After a more than successful campaign in the Mediterranean theatre, the P-40F is now ready to once more compete for total aerial supremacy in War Thunder’s upcoming update 1.79!

In short: we have created completely new models for the P-40 fighters in our game and have also added a P-40F variant with a new powerful engine and a "toothy" camouflage!

Although early P-40s were equipped with one of the most powerful inline engines available to the American aircraft industry at the time, it quickly became apparent that even that wasn’t enough. Due to its advanced and robust design, it’s no secret that the P-40 was a relatively heavy aircraft for its type, resulting in power-to-weight issues which would never be fully solved. Nonetheless, Curtiss engineers continued tweaking and improving the design in all aspects, trying to lessen the drawbacks of a high weight and insufficient power.

If you wanted to take your P-40 out for a spin again, but just never got around to actually doing it, then be sure to take advantage of the opportunity that update 1.79 gives you. Dust off that plane that’s been sitting in the back of your hangar for far too long and prepare to see it in a whole new light! Stay tuned to the news to find out more about the latest developments regarding War Thunder’s next major update. Until then!

For more information, read the full Dev Blog article on the Official War Thunder Forums![forum.warthunder.com]
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