Interstellar Marines

Game Update 1

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Wilko129 31 лип 2013 о 17:02 
Can you fight against the aliens yet?
Frankysco 27 лип 2013 о 22:13 
Excelent game, i have sure this game next generation.
Bloodfist 27 лип 2013 о 9:02 
Excellent job boys. As a future game developer, you give me inspiration and also a standard the activision has seem to forgot. I look forward to everything you guys are going to do and are currently doing. Remember family and friends are the back bone and strength in developing games, so dont loose that.
Oldwolf 23 лип 2013 о 2:55 
As soon as I saw attack sharks on land I was in lol. Got the $39.99 and happy to help fund a good imaginative a fun looking game.
Truble_Shooter 22 лип 2013 о 21:03 
this game looks amazing. I'll most definitely buy this in a few weeks and might upgrade to the spearhead edition. I had bought minecraft when it was in the middle of beta. it wasn't as good then, but it's better now; i hope the same for this game!
Urban Warrior 21 лип 2013 о 5:36 
No jumping in a shooter?

Jumping in singleplayer, yes.

If it is used for bunnyhopping in MP, no.
Pedrete 18 лип 2013 о 7:57 
123 comentaries!!, 124 xD
gucc 17 лип 2013 о 14:29 
geekumayknow 12 лип 2013 о 17:10 
Im buying it soon, and kudos to you guys, it was the fact that you admitted there was bugs that were going to be fixed and how you guys said you did everything for the passion of the game and I LOVE that you guys are taking the high road and making future content free, you guys rock! much better than infinity ward!
RPG Holding Shark Riding Raptor 12 лип 2013 о 10:27 
New updatE