Starpoint Gemini 2

Update v0.6002 Out now!

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Falcon777 5 гру 2013 о 22:44 
You guys get it done quick like a good short orders cook!( *.oO (hmm...hopefully Number v0.6002 on the SG2 menu taste like a winner, too!* ).. Oops, mustn't let my thought control my fingers!

Well... you guys definitely earned an"A" for Pure BOLD-ACES quick work, SG2 Devs team, I'd give you that!! We, your "test pilots", much thank and appreciate all your hard works!
Lair360 Beta Tester 5 гру 2013 о 21:43 
*Crack Knuckles* this is the update I've been waiting for! It's time for me to let my PC run 16-24HRS with the game. I will do it... Challenge ACCEPTED!

P.S. X rebirth , AC: Black Flag hasn't crash for nearly 10HRS straight! If this game pass that mark then I will say it's near stable.
Zenoslaf 5 гру 2013 о 16:29 
Very nice update. :)
magnetmannen 5 гру 2013 о 16:13 
how far away is combat drones for carriers and dreadnoughts?
MagicMumbo 5 гру 2013 о 13:40 
Tanvaras 5 гру 2013 о 12:40 
Thanks LGM Team - Great patch and now maybe a small break for Chrissy and alittle time to turn off the brain and relax :)
danijel  [розробник] 5 гру 2013 о 12:01 
Yep. One more update is definitely planned to arrive before Christmas :)
MagicMumbo 5 гру 2013 о 11:52 
Interesting. I'll be playing this tomorrow.... Just one thing tho... will we be seeing another update or v0.7 before christmas?
Langor 5 гру 2013 о 11:51 
Looks like I get to load up the game and play again tonight. Yay for updates :)
DonTheDon 5 гру 2013 о 11:37 
Wow good stuff, keep it coming!