Starpoint Gemini 2

Starpoint Gemini 2

Just a little something looming over the horizon

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danijel  [開発者] 2014年1月17日 6時24分 
We'll keep it in mind Wee-Lan-Chi. Thanks for the ideas! :)
Tactical Nuclear Coffee 2014年1月17日 5時35分 
Hey danijel, Thanks for the link. And thanks for considering freigther upgrades, it would make it more viable for mining unless you plan on adding another class of ships just for mining, but i guess you could have special propertys for each class making them better than other ships when it comes to different things.

Miners / Freighters get a larger loot pickup range and miners (if you add more ships) have a high ore yeld ect.

As it stands now a dreadnaught or something with a large cargo space is better overall, even though freighters have more cargo space they cant really fight off attackers so the bigger war ships seem to be better overall, so ship class based perks / passive stats might be a good way to make people have other types of ships other than just working towards a dreadnaught :)

As always its just a suggestion, and as always great work!!!
danijel  [開発者] 2014年1月17日 2時48分 
Here's a ship list. Many thanks to brektzar for compiling it

At the moment mining laser doesn't have any special properties, but it was suggested and we have it on the wish-list.

Considering increased freigther higher loot pickup range... hmmmm... interesting notion. We'll look into it.

Tactical Nuclear Coffee 2014年1月15日 15時05分 
Forgot to ask, is there a ship list or something? Id like to see what ships i want to get prior to blowing all my cash on one just to find a better looking one 10minz later :D

Oh and iv also got a suggestion, Could freighters have a higher loot pickup range? and does mining lasers give you more loot or higher yeld?

If not then maybe look into that, so much faster using actual weapons reguardless of energy, at least the 250 cargo freighter i had didnt really use energy with normal weapons instead of mining lasers.

Tactical Nuclear Coffee 2014年1月15日 15時00分 
Woo, Yeah i got back into SG2 again and you've added a delete cargo button! Cant thank you enough for that, also cant wait for fighter wings :p was playing lastnight and i was wondering about heroes and why my fighter wouldnt leave the hanger :p

Also, no more random crashes while going from zone to zone :o gratz on fixing that too :D
USM-Valor 2014年1月15日 12時42分 
danijel  [開発者] 2014年1月15日 9時44分 
The update should roll out on Friday :)
USM-Valor 2014年1月14日 18時48分 
I'm really hoping the update to this game comes soon. I've been holding off on buying until the next one roles out.
Tengu 2014年1月14日 9時41分 
Dev are we going to see updates where we can engage in fleet battles ? Capital ship vs Capital ship.
EasyToFind 2013年12月29日 14時46分 
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