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Raf  [developer] Oct 15 @ 10:28am 
Hello Tzion,

Horizon was completed in 2014 including 3 major free updates in collaboration with our community. We also provided extended support until Summer 2016 and to this day we provide technical support or patches when necessary.

Horizon was a labor of love and the culmination of ~10 years of work and it offers a lot of content without additional paid DLCs or Expansions. While there is always more one can add to an existing game, with time passing and technology advancing we can only try certain things with a new game.
Tzion Oct 14 @ 9:51pm 
I don't get this? Horizon stopped updating back in 2016 and the team gave up on it. It's still not finished is it???? I thought the developers just gave up! It is a great concept game and it needs a ton of work. WHat happened? Why would you abandon it and run off to do another game?

Please reply Developers. The Game has a story but it's so fast. There's parts of it that always felt unfinished. What's going on?
Roosya Oct 12 @ 4:29am 
I joined