v0.0.2.31 patch released

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Raf  [개발자] 2013년 7월 22일 오후 2시 51분 
For Italian language, we will see after full release, right now just English. We have a number of languages slated for localization.

Yes, we will be improving ship movement in coming updates so they don't just line up! Construction stopping? If you can, please use the 'report an issue' link from the launcher if you have an example and we will check.

Thanks for the other feedback!
darth.cynic 2013년 7월 9일 오후 2시 04분 
Game finally seeing light of day. Turn based combat, I am psyched
mykeill 2013년 7월 9일 오후 2시 01분 
Would like to see a planetary view of your colonies,with all the buildings and upgrades,and when attacked the new damage view,It would be nice if it was similar to the 2nd master of Orion wich was so popular,this would really add to the game.
Psycho 2013년 7월 7일 오전 10시 10분 
I would appreciate, when the ships could fly in "formations" they just line up in auto mode in the shortest path and the ships at the end cant fire and wont move

and somehow the construction stopped at around year 2440...dont know exactly when, but nothing finishes...

but...so far...keep up the great work
oda nobunaga 75 2013년 7월 6일 오후 6시 26분 
Hi , i wanted to ask you if your game can be translated into my language in Italian .
Lulloser 2013년 7월 6일 오후 2시 16분 
@XtremePsycho that's not needed, because there are just a few Planets in an System which have Special things on them you just have to order it once or twice.
Psycho 2013년 7월 6일 오후 1시 58분 
please do a new order "dig system" :)

PS. keep up the good work