24 September 2013 - Beta version 4.50 (minor update)

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Spawn 28 вер 2013 о 1:01 

please make a limit for ships for ai, its very annoing to wait while swarm of enemy scouts moving - i hated it 15 years ago in moo2, and its still annoying.

battle balance is very very strange - looks like heavy and regular cannons almost useless (miss cost much more - they are fewer, they have small arc of fire, looks like they became damaged more easily) - for example i wasnt able to do a thing against swarm of scouts with heavy cannons(and not much against motherships), but design with lots of _light_ cannons worked much better(and against enemy motherships too)

and looks like there is a bug with planet missile bases - missile salvo is simply lost on the next move - is it intentional?

and why there is limit on construction? even on small planets will be place for everything, but some structures should cost per turn more than some planets could afford.

and one more bug - i was invaded by other race without declaration of war.

anyway - very good game, thank you!