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Four player co-op in the End Times of Warhammer

Group Benefits
Being a member of the official Vermintide group grants the following:
  • Exclusive In-game Item: Egret Plume Cavalier
  • Exclusive In-game Item: Rilar Ghalklad
  • Be the first to receive the latest updates on everything Vermintide
  • Wicked Vermintide Steam Avatars

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Patch 1.8.2 is live, fixing a bunch of issues you've reported to us!

Fixes and Tweaks
  • The Courier: Fixed issue where Skaven would enter rooms through a wall instead of the perfectly aligned windows one might have expected!
  • The Courier: Solved a case of Skaven spawning and were immediately stuck in place 🐀
  • The Courier: Fixed some terrain that behaved against expectations (you could walk through it) 👻
  • The Courier: Should no longer be possible to fall out of the level beneath the tower
  • The Courier: Improved performance during the opening areas 📈
  • The Courier: Fixed issues with a bunch of ladders
  • The Courier: Bots should be able to traverse the tower much easier than before 🗼
  • The Courier: Fixed ammo chest intersecting with the environment
  • The Courier: Fixed cases where Skaven were unable to reach the player
  • The Courier: Fixed cases where magical flags flew without fixings 🏴
  • The Courier: Saltz now correctly identifies the vehicle of escape as a boat, rather than a coach. Silly Saltz 🗣️
  • The Courier: Improved overall bot navigation 🤖
  • The Courier: Reduced sticky terrain
  • Reaching Out: Fixed potential exploit allowing fourth player to snipe the boss outside the Arena ️🎯
  • Reaching Out: Fixed cases where players could get smashed up into the beams during the Krench fight
  • Reaching Out: Solo players should have an easier time triggering Krench
  • Reaching Out: Fixed a location where players can get stuck
  • Reaching Out: Improved performance during the final areas 📈
  • Reaching Out: You should no longer be able to jump out of bounds just before the Marketplace area 🚫
  • Reaching Out: Kruber Bot should be able to fit properly through doorways now. Poor Kruber bot :(
  • Reaching Out: Improved overall bot navigation and sticky terrain (even for players) 🤖
  • Reaching Out: It's no longer possible to skip Krench. Why would you even want to skip Krench? You mad-men! 🤤
  • Reaching Out: Fixed case of Krench darting through the arena wall ️🎯
  • Reaching Out: The anticipatory music for Krench should no longer play once you've encountered Krench ️🎶
  • Reaching Out: Needless invisible walls removed
  • Fixed issue where bots sometimes would get stuck at the ends of ladders
  • Fixed crash that would occur if friend joined from a loading screen
  • Fixed various other rare crashes
  • Slowed down animation speed of volley crossbow reload so that the click sound matches when the crossbow is reloaded and ready to fire. Actual reload time unchanged 🏹
  • Fixed issue causing fireball staff to do less damage against packmasters and rat ogres on clients 🔥
  • The Backstab SFX has returned 🔊
  • Kruber's handy new sword now ignites barrels as intended 🗡🛢
  • Fixed sound for Executioner sword so that it is heard spatially by clients of a Kruber host. It's also a touch quieter now

Known Issue
We are aware of the issue regarding Sienna's staff and overcharge resulting in a particularly egregious cacophony. To avoid this, you should avoid swapping staves with the inventory chest while they have a lot of overcharge - we have a fix incoming for this soon. 🔇🔇🔇
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