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Four player co-op in the End Times of Warhammer

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Being a member of the official Vermintide group grants the following:
  • Exclusive In-game Item: Egret Plume Cavalier
  • Exclusive In-game Item: Rilar Ghalklad
  • Be the first to receive the latest updates on everything Vermintide
  • Wicked Vermintide Steam Avatars

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So much is going on right now!

Vermintide is celebrating TWO YEARS since release with a Free Week right here on Steam! Now's the time to get those stubborn friends involved, and heck they can even pick it up at a fraction of the cost in our 75% off sale!

Not only that, but in-case you (somehow) missed it, Vermintide 2 has been revealed and available for pre-order right now!

What better way to welcome the Chaos to the foray than with, well, a little chaos in the Red Moon Inn!

See you in game!
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