Reviewers love Strider!

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The Sneaky Tiki 2014. márc. 7., 17:01 
Would be nice if they made a game that actually worked.
Meliphis 2014. febr. 27., 20:50 
This game is so HYPE!
Mors 2014. febr. 26., 9:03 
This game is awesome. One of the best spent 15€ ever. Even that I have never played original Striders I must say they have captured very well the old Sega (and Atari ST) generation games feeling.

First the game felt little weird because the jumping possibilities to turn back in the air, and that is now the only thing I say should be "fixed" in HC mode. But the game difficulty raises, new features and opponents are presented and brought to game in good pace so it feels all the time fresh game.

I selected the Normal difficulty level and now I feel it was propably a mistake and hope that hard is more difficult for the second run I have planned to do.

Can't do more than recommend this game if at all like Ninjas and fast old fashioned slashing game with very stylish 2.5D graphics.
PlayerEddy 2014. febr. 24., 14:56 
Now i want, Dino Crisis, Megaman, Breath of Fire, Final Fight, Onimusha...
PlayerEddy 2014. febr. 24., 14:53 
A nostalgic game!
Digital Dev1l 2014. febr. 23., 21:24 
MetroidVania style Gameplay and Ninja's. What more do you want!!
kyoryu 2014. febr. 23., 11:07 
It works fine with my controller, dunno why you're having problems.
Yskar 2014. febr. 23., 3:08 
Please, make a HARDER mode, this reboot was too easy!:B1:
007 2014. febr. 21., 11:07 
I would love to play it. WITH MY CONTROLLER. When can we expect a patch?
SlaterDies 2014. febr. 20., 22:21 
Is this a Metroidvania reincarnation a la Shadow Complex? Please say yes.