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Hello wardens,

We have just deployed a new patch addressing some of the issues that were reported by the community.
Thank you for all your feedback. We are grateful for our extremely passionate community!

The Prison Architect Team

  • Added a tooltip to explain why some construction work is blocked.
  • The Island Generator will no longer charge the player when only water is generated.
  • We have improved janitors and the cleaning systems.
  • We have improved the laundry system.
  • Fixed an issue were the prisoner swapped places with a visitor when using the visitor booths.
  • Fixed an issue with laundry machine not working correctly when dirty clothes are added.
  • Fixed an issue where punching bag could cause the game to crash.
  • Fixed the clipping issues in Escape mode.
  • Fixed various issues causing the game to crash.

Known Issues:
  • [Escape Mode] Players getting stuck in a corner of the map when starting a new game on a map that does not meet the minimum requirements (one empty cell + canteen).
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