Planetary Annihilation

PA Alpha Build 51118

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Garat 1 авг. 2013 в 8:50 
Raze, the next announced price drop is in September, when we enter our Beta period. The (US) pricing at the time will be $60. We don't have an exact date yet when we will enter beta.
Raze127 31 июл. 2013 в 19:50 
yes there is a option for AI only in the game
Raze127 31 июл. 2013 в 19:48 
Uber Garat i have a quistion, will the price go down at all in the next month or so
or will it stay the same?
Raze127 31 июл. 2013 в 19:46 
its so expencive but the stragegy gameplay looks amazing and i cant wait for the space update to come out its so hard to wait for the game to be done updating.
Raze127 31 июл. 2013 в 19:45 
i cant wait to get this game
Garat 29 июл. 2013 в 11:57 
Boycem - Create a custom game with as many slots open as you want (2 - 5). As soon as the lobby is hosted, select ready. All empty slots will be filled with the AI. :)
boycem 29 июл. 2013 в 0:56 
Hi, sorry new to this game but is there an option just to play AI?
Peanut 27 июл. 2013 в 18:48 
@ Senex - Amen to that!
Peanut 27 июл. 2013 в 18:47 
@ TastySanchez - I checked the drivers and everything appears to be up to date. Up until recently the sun/star was black and covered in lines, but that has since cleared up. Everything else works, but the units and buildings themselves are invisible.
TastySanchez 26 июл. 2013 в 17:33 
@ Peanut - try updating your video drivers. That solved it for me.