Planetary Annihilation

Planetary Annihilation

Beta Build: 54696

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GloomWalker13 2013年10月5日 20時48分 
so how do i download the game if i have a beta key ?
Ninja O Burisuta 2013年10月4日 18時33分 
I dont agree with solararrays being non celestial, thats a bad play, you haveavenger units, i pay so much attention to the system view in battle to see if my enemy is going orbital, i have my orbital fleet ready and take out mostthere stuff anyway, that negation needs a serious balance, like avenger planes are planet bound too. which then renders them a secondary air unit not even orbital.

If anything make solar arrays nerfed a little interms of build cost and resultant income energy, the movement of them to planets is a fair move i think, you just have to be smart to combat it, people only moaning becaue they never played TA and are getting thrashed by not thinking what they are doing lol.

please dont leave solar array so immobile, its cost is too high for such risk imo
Garat 2013年10月4日 17時51分 
DatLi - you can already play AI games online. True offline singleplayer, as we've stated in the past, won't be available til the game is no longer in Early Access.
♣[28thMA]DatLil_Gun 2013年10月4日 16時06分 
can you add single player here soon?
HotRod11686 2013年10月4日 13時38分 
viper1725 2013年10月4日 9時24分 
This game looks great my dad said he is getting me the week after this week i really like your games,i have looked at your livestreams (all of them) I had a idea you could put in(not forcing you or anything) like a space station what you have to build and if you get loads of recouses you can build a black hole,whih will destrot the whole entire solar system in a certian time and in that time you need to move to the last planet in the solar system and then lunch your comander to a diffret solar system (what you can also make like you did with your other solar system and you can decide the distance between them(could take ages to reach it though!) and restart in that solar system.

You Could also do galaxy collisions were you have to move galaxys But only one solar system in it.Right now i will whatch your new live streamand whatch people play it on youtube) price is so much better! oh and gongratulations on getting it onto beta!
Garat 2013年10月4日 0時00分 
Salan - we already have quite a few people doing client mods, and when the server releases at launch, that will be supported as well!
geierle 2013年10月3日 23時59分 
Performance !
Crowex 2013年10月3日 23時45分 
Good job guys, keep it up! :)
Salan 2013年10月3日 22時45分 
will this game be moddable like the TA in the old days?