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zormzorm 19 ноем. 2013 в 13:45 
This is a very welcome change. Thanks!!

The game was hectic enough without having to scroll all around to pick up the extra points. I would also prefer a pause mode where I could scroll around and/or another step slower speed so I can watch what's going on. On the more difficult levels, there are often multiple 'fronts' and the game can't zoom out far enough to watch them all. My favorite aspects of tower defense are to set up mazes for the bad guys to go through and watch how different maze setups affect the outcome. Without a functioning pause or molasses slow down, I can't really be in control of the whole scenario.

But, regardless of any other changes, not having to sweep up cubes means not having to madly scroll the screen around while setting up towers. Much, much appreciated. Game goes from a B to an A minus with this change. One idea would be to add the cube pickup as another level of difficulty. Cube Insanity level, perhaps. :]
Wasted Zouave 18 ноем. 2013 в 8:17 
thx a lot for listening to peoples comments, i enjoy the game a lot more now
chaotea 13 ноем. 2013 в 5:44 
Ah, i wondered why i wasn't seeing cubes. probably works better like this, as i got to the point of just ignoring them. BTW, any chance of changing the before battle timer to inf before the first wave, so the only come with the first placement. It'd be nice to be able to plan before you begin without having to fret about time.