Beta 1.3 New Features and Bug Fixes

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ellen.kirkwood 18 OCT 2013 a las 0:32 
My last expansion card, that I got from a shrine, did nothing. Therefore I'm digging up no new cards or gems and having to destroy houses to make space for farms to make any sort of progress. Very frustrating. Please fix it.
ayy lmao 16 OCT 2013 a las 14:05 
I haw geted 47k food and all and explansionns are builded. what i to now? just get more food? 30k food i last makr and i haw noe almost 50k. i thing uptats need gome faster. i aws get so far with 4 days. :)
DabDabYEET 15 OCT 2013 a las 20:08 
So I log in to play, and bam! My population of 4000+ is suddenly all running around the map and killing themselves, I spent many many many hours flattening the land, making paths and expanding my population and now it's all gone to shit because of god knows why, my flat land has all this random crap on it now and huge craters that never existed, I'm not going to bother even trying to get everything back to the way it was, hours wasted.
Randozart 14 OCT 2013 a las 2:07 
On a side note: I'm curious as to why my population of 4000 dropped to just over 1500 and my land is ruined by random terrain deformations, it's taking me ages to get my population and cities back up to standards! D;
Randozart 14 OCT 2013 a las 2:07 
I don't know whether intended or a glitch, but unlike previously where I could place a totem and gather followers for a mass colonization effort, I am now forced to build a line of buildings in order to activate the flags on buildings. This essentially renders the totem useless and forces the player into an akward situation where they essentially have to "trick" their followers into doing what they want making use of backwards or broken mechanics.

For me personally I much more enjoy being able to spawn the followers myself and properly gather them rather than to be forced to build some kind of backwards mega-city. Because as it stands now, sometimes the flag on a building doesn't even appear meaning that I simply can't continue building unless I pull of some weird deception. Please fix or rethink this, it's really quite annoying me.
Chan-Tzu Ti 13 OCT 2013 a las 13:28 
Also, the battle maps are a huge clickfest which rewards fast clicking over any kind of strategy.... this is really hurting my fingers.
Chan-Tzu Ti 13 OCT 2013 a las 13:26 
"Statue of Settlement destruction crash fixed"

The crash is gone, but for some reason followers won't repair the statue when it's taking damage from accidentally sculpting your way through it. Then after fixing the landscape, the statue still sinks in the ground with no repair effectively destroying the settlement, many upgrades to it and a lot of followers.
Chan-Tzu Ti 13 OCT 2013 a las 13:20 
Shaping land still is not at all comfortable on my mouse and fingers... way too much clicking still, regardless of god cards later on that provide a little aid there. This game has so much potential, that it's sad when it almost seems like they aren't aware of what is most important to get right first! Because honestly, they are already far in linking this clicking type of control to a lot of the multiplayer 'achievements', meaning the longer they wait to do a big overhaul, the less chance of ever happening!! That's such a shame.

@: enra: No, you can't at all. You click and drag, but it will stop very quickly. There's no continuous dragging to sculpt the land.
Chan-Tzu Ti 13 OCT 2013 a las 13:20 
It really seems they are oblivious to what currently weakens this game by a lot. And by a lot I mean will put a lot of people off after the first few hours already.

I'd VERY much prefer that they focus on less clicking, not more clicking. Now with the storms added, which are an AWESOME effect, it seems any other task other than rebuilding gets delayed indefinitely. That also means we are REQUIRED to click just about every faith generating building freaking TWICE to get things running again, even for settlements. Once to get rid of faith, once to hit the flag to restore other buildings. This really is unnecessary and breaks the whole game.

Insomniac 13 OCT 2013 a las 7:02 
I've had a few problems with chests. For example, one of my chest is literaly imbeded in one of my shrines, and there is absolutly no way of getting it out. Also, some of the chests that i've opened were empty. Could you please fix this? Thank you.