Godus (Video) Update #35

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Cnut the Great Jan 6, 2014 @ 3:53pm 
Hey Guys can you get a thing like you can make cultures such as make a viking culture and you can have wars between ppl and such such as I would have viking raiders attacking highlander villages and highlanders raiding viking colonies.
Demosthien Dec 20, 2013 @ 6:44am 
Can't wait till the next release... I'm getting jittery.
Foolishuman Dec 19, 2013 @ 6:59pm 
How do I get refund.
Kanifeli Dec 19, 2013 @ 5:18pm 
My game got stuck. Damaged houses are not fixed. I cannot build more town and the last land expansion card i got did not do anything
Cellidor Dec 16, 2013 @ 1:03pm 
I definitely agree with any comments on the storms, they're -far- too frequent and damaging. Ever since I progressed to the point where storms start occurring, 32 days have passed, a mere 3 of which -didn't- result in a night-time storm. Considering some structures take more than an entire day to heal back to full, it's literally impossible to keep up with this damage. I can't expand on any land because whenever I click a settlement's flag, they inevitably run to repair a structure rather than building new ones, even if I use the totem.
HarrysCoke Dec 15, 2013 @ 2:39am 
hopefully updates as good as this will come in the future even better 22cans Peter Molenuex sorry if i spelt the name wrong but can you please reduce the frequency of storms or either it might just be my land being formed thx
TheGamingPuncker Dec 14, 2013 @ 10:47am 
every time it updates my population goes down what the hell is with that!?
Evlakk Dec 14, 2013 @ 7:55am 
I think my game broke
I had to get to 30,000 seeds one day. I got to it, and it didn't set me a new goal (eg 40,000). This was a while ago and I can't remember if it told me to do anything else, but right now I can't unlock any new cards. I've finished the deffualt pvp, collected all the chests and shrines, hae no friends to play PVP with. I'm stuck, and can't do anything :( If i missed something, someone contact me because I love this game and can't advance on it.
PhoenixKnight Dec 14, 2013 @ 7:28am 
Can't wait till this update comes out it will be really good :D:
Hanz Guvenschmitz Dec 13, 2013 @ 9:58pm 
Ah yes! Direct a follower! Thank you 22cans!