Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2

The Cyber Revolt Beta Is Here

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KЯΞJZY Mar 20 @ 7:38am 
pěkně gej
Rose Supreme Mar 12 @ 8:48am 
By little more, I mean a lot. Because there will always be at least one or two players who'll die because of his overabundance of poop slaves, the never-ending duration of toxic clouds you never being able to outrun him if you're not a Medic or a Gunslinger.
THE ELDER/_\Predator Mar 12 @ 6:28am 
We live , we see.
Rose Supreme Mar 11 @ 7:04pm 
@THE ELDER/_\Predator
I heard of those Extra Playable Boss mods. A shame there's not one for Abomination yet.

I imagine Hans and maybe KFP being more balanced for VS since Abomination is just a kitefest and is easy, but slow to kill. But on cramped maps, Abomination stands a little more of a chance.
THE ELDER/_\Predator Mar 11 @ 9:35am 
I want and other people too play as another bosses in VS Mode King Fleshpound, King Bloat Abomination and Hans Volter not only as Patriarch. I wish to add this playable bosses:

As a Hans:

As s King Fleshpound:
Rose Supreme Mar 10 @ 6:47pm 
@THE ELDER/_\Predator

Honestly, I'm so sick of all the E.D.A.R. hate. Tripwire finally gave us some more ranged enemy variety since the Husk was the only one with ranged combat.

"Out of place"? Tripwire made them, so they ARE in place. That logic would apply to D.A.R. and all the sci-fi weapons they made for the KF series if the E.D.A.R.s are considered "out of place". Tripwire even shed some lore of these guys for crying out loud.
David Mar 10 @ 10:08am 

Take your walls of text to the forums. The comments section isn't a place for feedback.
THE ELDER/_\Predator Mar 10 @ 7:58am 
KURWAAA EDARS are not that difficult. People!! They hit big nerf to Armor health on chest. Aiming on chest with strong weapons, aa12, other shotguns, explosive charges, assault rifles like Scar, Stoner LMG, etc., etc.
Rose Supreme Mar 10 @ 7:45am 
@Legion I get the feeling you hate E.D.A.R.s.
Legion Mar 10 @ 7:12am 
Or a new zed type that requires more than a headshot to take down quickly? Experiment here, and just listen to the community feedback on the new zeds. Whatever you do, DO NOT ADD MORE EDARS, I already know 10+ people that uninstalled the game and either refunded it, or buried it in their library because the EDARs are pointless cancer that do not belong in this game.