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With last week's reveal of the upcoming Monster’s Masquerade - today we wanted to go into details about some of these upcoming features and changes!

We want to start with a bit about our exciting new MC, DJ Hans! He is taking over Trader duties for the Monsters Ball map in the same way that the Patriarch taunts you along the way towards your demise in Endless, as well as in standard Survival play.

We’ve seen many of you wondering if the Knight Husk will have its armor stat increased in game to match its visual look for this update. The answer is no, however it will have an auditory metallic impact, as well as some gameplay changes - the Husk will open its chest cavity to fire from, which also exposes the critical point for players to shoot. Hans will also have some animation changes in how he moves and his attack patterns, but the intent here is that both he and the Husk will play out in familiar way.

And let us not forget the leading lady Zeds have also been waiting patiently to show off their concept art as well! Here is a lineup of some of our favorites, what are yours so far?

As players explore the haunted halls of this upcoming new content, they will also find some new effects! Introducing the Headshot Pack - Players who purchase this pack will be able to swap out their headshots effects between several options, replacing those gory meaty pieces of brain matter (or something that passes for it) with more cheerful options this Halloween. Take a look below!:

By default the Headshot Pack effects are off for other clients, but they are able to turn them on via the gameplay options to join in on the fun if they wish!
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