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Welcome to the wonderful world of Pens, Dice and Papers!

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Greetings adventurer!

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If you liked this game, we would gladly accept you into our Paradox family! We are a nice bunch, and we hope to see you on our official forums![] Maybe you will find another game of ours that would be to your liking if you pay us a visit?

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Greetings, persons playing people playing characters.

Today is a grand day, Knights of Pen and Paper +1 Edition is getting official SteamOS support! That means it will be 10 times* easier and more relaxing to play from your couch using one of those awesome Steam controller things.

Patch notes
  • Added Paradox Cloud Services (Log in via the black button on the menu screen to share your savegames between computers.)
  • Steam Controller Optimization: Hid launcher settings window to allow start-up with only controller (Hold "Shift", "Ctrl" or "Alt" (on Mac) to trigger the window.)
  • Miscellaneous bugfixes.
Known issues
  • Minor interraction issues between PDX account menu and Steam Controller. (Solve by logging in using mouse & keyboard once)
  • The Steam Controller is only supported in mouse emulation mode.
  • The Steam Controller is currently not supported on Mac and Linux.
We hope you all enjoy this addition to the game as much as we do.

Happy gaming! :)

The KoPP Team

*Experience may vary depending on quality of sofa and available snacks.
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