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Allow me to explain the LA-MULANA 2 release situation once more.

At the moment, the developers, localizers, testers, etc. - basically, "a whole mess of folks" - are all working on their respective parts, and everyone is busy going through multiple final checks.
Personally, there are some things about which I'm kinda like, "Seriously? We're dealing with that THIS far into development?!", but what are you gonna do? Stuff like this is par for the course for small development teams.

We've been working on this title for a long time now, and it's so big and complicated that I wish I could just keep going in and fixing and tweaking things forever.
But that's not an actual thing you can do, so for now we've got to get this thing finished so we can release it.
First off, we've made it to the point where the full game can be played to the end and cleared. We'll probably end up adding and implementing the hidden elements via post-release update.
We haven't actually announced anything yet, but it goes without saying that we're taking console releases into consideration as well. We plan to use the time between now and any future ports and releases to rock out some updates and further brush up the game.

We worked as hard as we could, but this is a really large-scale and complicated game.
I'm sure that people will discover ways to play, shortcuts, and bugs that we wouldn't have even imagined.
Once the game is released, we'll spend the foreseeable future locked and loaded, ready to take out any possible threat to gameplay that may arise as quickly as possible.

Takumi Naramura
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