Today: Devstream 128!

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♤︎ Dr. Brownie ♤ Jun 8 @ 7:42am 
OwO whats dis?
AsishPC Jun 5 @ 10:52pm 
More Story,More Quests.I love Warframe Story
~SashleyCat~ Jun 4 @ 9:00am 
Oh jeeze people-

Complain complain complain complain more~

I'm personally loving Warframe and it gets better with every update. But DE can't please everyone, especially those who think the game is developed especially for them. ;)

Oh and DE is responding to support tickets, it just takes time. They have a huge player base, you are not somehow more important than the literally tens of thousands of other players wanting support. Wait your turn. They even said sorry to me in a ticket I sent recently saying they have a huge influx of support requests. Have patience.

The thing I am most looking forward to is more Storyline/Lore progression. I can't wait for the next major quest.
Fredo ¥ May 31 @ 2:16am 
Aye more frames !
FOUINEFORT May 29 @ 6:19am 
bonjours je ne peut toujours pas faire des échanges depuis la nouvelle mise a jours pour change ce qui fonctionné tres bien
ED_GONE_JOHN May 29 @ 1:08am 
to the person saying about send email - send a ticket about someone selling platinum - see how long it takes for them to get in touch,i myself will be going down this route-sending a ticket for everything else except the problem i have with 2fa and a dead email address-de im waiting too,if you ever can be bothered
Daniel Dunn May 29 @ 1:04am 
Tbh i cant play a game that ive been playing since the liset was a thing that just releases new things without fixing the "things" they've added in the past we need new content i dont just mean new frames i could care less i want/many do want rewarding content which warframe still lacks after the community asking for many years from this day forward i cant keep playing a game ive been wanting to quit for years but kept playing because we just keep doing the same old content these days GAS CITY REWORK i could care less tbh i dont even wanna touch it the defense tilesets are just off putting i dont even wanna do the fissures anymore nor sorties until a big update comes out fixing an adding what the community wants not "PARTNERS" we'll return
Rogbreath May 28 @ 11:29am 
개샹 May 28 @ 5:01am 
send email to me plz it takes 4 months already
thlysici / R.I.C.O. May 27 @ 6:37am 
that chubby frame will physically not be able to jump around and run like the other frames