Akaneiro: Demon Hunters

Akaneiro: Demon Hunters

Our First Day - FAQ and Known Bugs

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CelticFrost 2013. jún. 24., 14:57 
Can someone tell me what the Key is for to play it now on steam Because no one has gone into detail about it thanks....
CelticFrost 2013. jún. 24., 8:59 
Cool , i must send a email...done
odlogan 2013. jún. 21., 11:37 
The text immediately following "Why $10" doesn't seem to answer the question. Can someone please clarify for me?
DAN FUCKING SCHNEIDER 2013. jún. 21., 9:36 
I'm trully loving this game. The only bugs I have experienced so far are: a tad bit of a frame lag, but nothing excessive that makes it impossible to play, and I have also seen enemies run off the map so that I cannot kill them.
Can't DOOT up 2013. jún. 19., 12:49 
i cant change my ally without loging out and in again
Never Knows Best 2013. jún. 17., 23:09 
The "Some Gates are unbreakable" bug appears to only happen when using the Steam Starter Weapon (the katana bonus item from the steam purchase) if you use any other weapon in your main hand (or swap it out) you can destroy gates. (Worked for me)

Note: That if you already hit a gate with the Steam starter katana it seems to bug the gate until you fully leave the level (back to town) and re-do the mission.
Master Roshi 2013. jún. 17., 12:15 
i cant run the game on windows 7 :( i purchased it here in steam it starts shows 5 sec white screen and auto closes - i tried restarted pc and steam and it didnt help :(( please help ! i want to try the game out!
Spicy Horse Games  [Fejlesztő] 2013. jún. 17., 11:03 
Hey everyone,

The framerate lag /seems/ to be related to high-end machines. It's not something we've encountered before. Please, if you're experiencing this, send a ticket to http://support.spicyhorse.com and include your specs?

OGRichardNixon 2013. jún. 17., 1:18 
Thanks for supporting Linux. I dual boot, but I'm buying only because of the linux support. Can't wait to see how it runs!
Kriegspiel 2013. jún. 16., 17:23 
Hey going through ticket submission for the framerate lag how do you want it coded and what information are you looking for?