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Dear Players,
Just a quick reminder: We still maintain a developer on Akaneiro for support and maintenance. If you find a bug in the game or encounter any sort of problem, please submit a support ticket here:

As of May, 2015 we are also working on adding Trading Cards and Achievements to Akaneiro. We expect to have all that content in and functioning by mid-June, 2015.

There has been no change in the status of larger development for the project. Our team continues focusing most of their limited resources on new titles, in the hopes of finding some success and stability. Once that goal is achieved, we hope to return to Akaneiro and resume full development.

To the Trolls,
If you've come to this discussion area to spout BS about Akaneiro being "dead," please, don't.

It's not helpful or accurate in the least. Unlike 99% of released games in the world, we ARE maintaining staff dedicated to continued support and improvements of this title. We ARE maintaining the servers, despite the fact that the game doesn't generated enough income every month to cover the cost of those servers.

Please, don't be a jerk about this. There are plenty of properly abandoned titles on Steam for you to go take cheap shots at.

Your continued understanding and support are appreciated.

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