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BGEE and SoD

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Playing and improving Baldur's Gate

Welcome to Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition

We're a community for those who enjoy Baldur's Gate, wish to play and improve this great game.

Looking to discuss Baldur's Gate?

Please, check the Steam forum.

If you want to find an active community for BG fans, visit Beamdog forums[].

Baldur's Gate community
Steam forum

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Attention Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition players! The 2.5 Update Beta for BG:EE has just been updated on Steam and Beamdog to v2.5.15.1!

Please note that this beta update will temporarily bring the beta version of Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition out of line with Siege of Dragonspear. This will be addressed in a future update.

Find out more in today's blog:
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