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Castle Story
Sauropod Studio

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Show of hands, how many of you usually end up with a 85% more stockpiles filled with bricks than you need? This update’s for you!
  • Added resource toggles on the quarry and the tunnel, allowing you to instruct Bricktrons not to gather stone, brimstone or iron. Instead, Bricktrons working on that task will destroy the resources that are toggled off instead of bringing them back to c clutter your stockpiles! In longer games, a reduced number of stockpiles in your game will improve performance.
  • Quarries now capped at 8 instead of 4 automated Bricktrons.
  • There are changes on the horizon.. literally.
  • Fixed the hotkey for Blueprint Management not working.
  • Added a label to the menu/home button for its hotkey: F10.
  • Minor changes & fixes in the localization.[/ist]

    You have fun and don’t stare at the sky too long, there are Corruptrons on your doorstep!

    P.S: Tomorrow's the deadline to join one of the teams for our Trons VS Trons event! Don't miss out. :D
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